Miroir Brot and the Cinéma

Oct 5, 2015 10:59:20 AM

The presence of the mirror in the cinema

As emphasized by Andy Warhol:

"The mirror has always been an accomplice to the cinema, playing there for as much symboliquesque narrative roles. Conniving with the viewer, it returns an image and draws him to the interior spaces. Who can deny the strong symbolic power of the mirror? "

The performance of Robert DeNiro attacking his own reflection in Taxi Driver at the prominent place in the different tales like Snow White or Beauty and Beast, the mirror became a place in the heart of the 7th art.


The magnifying mirror "Star" inspired film

The influence of cinema on our products is transcribed in our "Star".

This triptych mirror has all the codes and ingenuity of Parisian elegance.


With LED technology combined with a sleek, upscale design, you will find the sensation of actors doing makeup before shooting a scene.


STAR before this mirror, super bright triptych, you will be such a star installed under the light! 

Discover the mirror “Star”

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This model is made with a marble base available in white or black; this dressing table mirror combined a magnifying insert glass with an LED light. The preciseness of Miroir Brot associate with LED technology provide to this model a chic and clean design completed with our impeccable finish in Chrome or Gold.


An exceptional mirror created by a prestigious collaboration.

The magnifying mirror "MON BEAU MIROIR" was created through the collaboration of the Miroir Brot workshops and the architect / interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. 

Known for having directed the decorations of the largest international hotels such as the Sofitel St James in London, the George V Hotel or the Shangri-La in Paris, and he also followed the achievement of most of the decoration Restaurant Joël Robuchon.

A mutual collaboration between Miroir Brot providing his experience providing magnifying mirrors to large Parisian Palaces and a well-known architect part of a very select group of French decorators that allowed them to create this unique model that combined sharpness and delicacy.

 Discover « Mon beau Miroir ».


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