Since its creation in 1826, the Maison BROT applies to do the best magnifying mirror. Today, BROT mirrors are the reference in this area.

But to get to this quality, many techniques are implemented to optain the perfect finish.

Here are the 4 steps made to realize the finishing of each BROT mirror, from the polishing to the gold finish.

  • Polishing the art of the smooth surface

How to get a shiny mirror, flawless and totally smooth finishes? Polishing is an indispensable technique used to make the BROT mirrors finishing unique, homogeneous, shiny and free of porosity.

To obtain such a result, the polishing drums technique is used: the part to be polished manually presented on the surface grinding wheels with discs of various materials (cotton, sisal, tampico, rope, composite synthetic fibers ...) rotating at high speed (of the order of 3000 m / min), and are generally coated with polishing paste.

This type of polishing provides different aspects, satin honed, brushed, polished mirror.

 Miroir Brot Finition


  • The electrolytic nickel: the fusion of aesthetics and technology

The electrolytic nickel plating is the most important process of electroplating (technique used to maintain the oxidation object). This process basic office before the filing of precious metals used for jewelry, protection bumpers, the bathroom accessories, kitchen ...

The main characteristic of electrolytic nickel is the fusion of aesthetics and technology through the use of a single layer of nickel, which forms a protective barrier against corrosion.

  • Galvanic technique: the art of electrolytic

Galvanic technique is a method used to deposit electrolytically metals on substrates prepared in advance such as galvanizing, nickel-plating, chrome plating ... Through this process, Miroir BROT covers her arms, hooks and circles of its mirrors with precious metal (noble) as chromium, nickel and gold..

This technique has the end result the protection of materials used by Miroir BROT against corrosion, oxidation on contact with air, moisture and also gives a protection against aging.

Miroir BROT uses this technique for its decorative effect to give BROT mirrors the aesthetic properties that make artistic elements, and decorative designs for your home.

  • Gilding : the symbol of wealth

Gold is still considered as a symbol of wealth and luxury. This is a soft, ductile and malleable. Gold is used mainly for decorative applications but also has a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation

Miroir BROT made a point of honour to keep this symbol of wealth and uses pure 24 Flash Carat for his finish.