The magnifying mirrors are available in different forms (round, oval or rectangular) and under different functionality (lighted or unlighted).

Where would like to buy a magnifying mirror ?

One of the first questions to ask yourself when you would like to buy a magnifying mirror is where to use it? The magnifying mirror found generally is place close to bathrooms/restrooms sinks or in the bedrooms as “Coiffeuse” a dressing table.

The magnifying mirror in bathrooms/restrooms is most of the time wall-mounted, to be used for an everyday usage. The magnifying table top mirror used on a dressing table is the perfect make-up tool.

How to use and install a magnifying mirror 

For a good use of a magnifying mirror, the user should stand at about 15-25 cm of the mirror

The wall mounted mirrors are available in 3 forms: swivel, single arm and double arms.

The swivel mirrors are used in the bathrooms/restrooms that have a limited space or when they do have a specific place for the mirror that allow the user to be close to it. 

The single and double arms mirrors are often place on the on the left or right side wall, we strongly recommend to measure the width of the bathroom sinks to determine if you need an single or double arm mirror. 

The double arms mirror provides a flexibility of use and allows you to adjust the distance and orientation. This allows an ease personal use. A very important advantage when several people are required to handle this mirror. 

It is also important to well position the height of the mirror, we do recommend a fixation at 1m50 (4’ 11”) – 1m55 (5’1”) from the floor (French average).

Lighted or Unlighted magnifying mirror ?

A magnifying mirror becomes an indispensable tool, when usage is become a pleasure.

An abundant of light on the mirror is necessary 

A room that benefit from natural daylight does not require a lighted mirror.

It is also recommended to position the dressing table close to a window to obtain a good quality of light.

On the other hand a mirror with a good light have it advantage. Our lighted mirrors are fitted with compact fluorescent bulbs specially adapted for a smooth but effective light. This allow the user to use it without being dazzled

 We developed this year a lighted mirror with an LED light white of higher intensity


Which type of glass and magnification for your miror ?

The quality of glass for a magnifying mirror is essential! 

Miroir Brot® offer two type of magnifying glass

The standard magnification glasses are made with the silvered glass shaped. The magnification is obtained by molding the glass concavely.

The optical glasses are manufactured with a high quality glass extra clear. The magnifications on this type of glass are obtained by a machining process used also for microscopes and telescopes lenses.

This specific process allow to obtain a perfect reflect without distortion. 

The choice of magnification is personal, everyone finds his own comfort

Important points to be considered are:

For shaving, a magnification 3X or 5X

For an everyday makeup: a magnification 5X, Optical 3O, Optical 7O

For facial care, a magnification Optical 7O, Optical 7X, 9X


Which design and finish color for your magnifying mirror ?

Miroir Brot® has a large adaptable range of products for different interior designs


Our « Retros » model with his classic and elegant design goes into the Brot® tradition.



The contemporary decorations integrate our range of mirrors "Classiques", its simple curves and elegance shall slide to your interior.



For an urbanist decoration, we recommend our line of mirrors “Urban” that include models with masculine character and design.


Miroir Brot has also fulfilled models for modern decoration with his “Design” line, this refined line keep the elegance and the know-how of the Miroir Brot®


Our mirrors are available in Chrome, Nickel, Gold and Satin Nickel. 


Concerning the dressing table top mirrors, the choice of the finish color will depend of your interior design or your taste.

The light (cold) colors, more in the actual modern trend, will guide you to chrome or a nickel finish.

In a room with darker (warm) colors with a more traditional decoration, your choice will go more for a gold finish that will bring to your dressing table a final luxury French touch that you deserve.


The Miroir BROT® expertise 

The Miroir BROT® mirrors are made in France with high quality of materials, of French origin. We offer you products that remains beside you for a lifetime.


The housekeepers and technicians of the most prestigious hotels around the world are choosing BROT mirrors due to their robustness and ease of maintenance. 

Our customer service is available to our customers for any spare parts needed.