The ritual that reflects you.

Whether it's morning before going to work or a final touch-up makeup before going out in the evening, everyone has his beauty ritual in front of his mirror. One more reason to select the mirror that best suits your needs.


Perfect for your bathroom or bedroom, Mon Beau Miroir is the upscale mirror par excellence. Double-sided lighted with magnifying insert, this prestigious mirror represents all the know-how of the Brot mirror. It will be the element of refined decoration of your interiors.

And there was light…

If a mirror is the ideal decorative object for a beauty rituals, but do not forget its role to beautify your pieces.

Thus, nothing is worth the classics. With the Classique 140, Miroir Brot invites you to renew the tradition of the great mirror. Whether it is placed in an entrance to adjust its look, hung on a fireplace for its look, or positioned in front of a window to enlarge a room, it is THE beauty ritual of ... your home.


Cocteau said: "The mirrors should think a little bit morebefore sending the images back" 

That turns out well because Miroir Brot designed and made his mirrors to send you the most beautiful reflection.